About Us


We at Hijama Cupping Clinic – Key To Cure offer a unique and professional holistic service. We treat our patients with extra special care and analyse them as an individual and put them on a treatment plan according to their specific needs.

Our Certified Hijama Practitioners (CHP) are professional, experienced, qualified and fully insured who have zeal and enthusiasm in treating patients with the utmost care and responsibilty.
The practitioners are registered with the GRCCT (The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies) and members of HNA (Hijama Nation Association) who are the LEAD ADVISOR for holistic hijama for GRCCT and Federal Regulatory Council (FRC) which is the UK government.

We at Key To Cure have the belief that Allah is the curer of everyone and everything and its very important that our patients believe this too, as the blessing of healing comes from the correct belief.
We at Key To Cure have been established and have been practising Hijama for over 9 years.
Our clients’ needs and health are of the utmost importance. Our Therapists are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Please see our testimonials: http://www.keytocure.co.uk/faq-testimonials/

Check the link below, how it all began and our new clinic:

Hijama clinic opens in Leeds: Key to Cure unlocks your perfect health

About Us – Key To Cure – Hijama Cupping Leeds/Bradford/West Yorkshire

Our Policy

  • Advance booking for appointments is necessary.
  • 48 hour notice must be given for cancellations, otherwise cancellation fee applies.
  • We strictly adhere to appointments for male clients with our male practitioner, and female clients with our female practitioner, no intermixing allowed in the therapy rooms.


  • We use sterile and disposable equipment, which includes plastic disposable cups & pumps.
  • We use New Sterile Disposable Blades for each person.
  • Non of the above cups and blades are re-used, they are safely disposed of in a clinical waste bin.
  • Our therapists wear the protective gear to ensure safety of patient and therapists.
  • We dispose of all our waste in a clinical waste bin and sharps boxes.
  • We DO NOT use fire cupping.



Our clinic is based in Leeds.

Unity Business Centre, Unit 18 – Key To Cure,

26 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS7 1AB.

Our services are available in Manchester & Bradford

Clinic Days

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.
These are the Best & Recommended Sunnah Days for Hijama/Cupping
Other days are available for urgent services, please call to find out more.